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Die Alternative zu teurer Software - alle wichtigen Office-Programmen wie Word, Excel & Co. Sichern Sie sich jetzt kostenlos das OpenOffice Startpaket + die besten Office Tipps Gratis Versand ab 20€! Mo-Fr vor 16 Uhr bestellen & Versand am selben Tag Open source guides Atomic Wallet Cryptocurrency Wallet - Manage your Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, XLM, and over 300 other coins and tokens. https://atomicwallet.io/ support@atomicwallet.io; Verified We've verified that the organization Atomicwallet controls the domain: atomicwallet.io; Learn more about verified organizations. Repositories Packages People Projects Type All Select type.

How does Atomic Wallet work? Atomic Wallet is a non-custodial decentralized wallet. It means that you own your backup phrase and private keys, thus, you fully control your funds Atomic Wallet utilizes many open-source components, like libraries, block explorers and so forth. We put a lot of effort and time to provide a good quality, reliable product for everyone. However, we keep part of our development in secret, in order to protect our users and ourselves from scammy copycats, phishing and bootleg applications

As an Open Source project, the Atomic Wallet reduces the chances of bugs or hidden vulnerabilities. Open Source projects undergo vetting from the community. This community-driven approach to coding helps avoid major losses or the revelation of attack vectors later The icing on the cake here is that the Atomic wallet is also open-source. What it means is that anyone and everyone is able to go through the code of the software , and check for errors, bugs, or other potentially-harmful issues with the platform

Atomic Wallet is described as 'universal, fully decentralized, multi-currency, and convenient app with a simple interface that supports over 300 cryptocurrencies' and is an app in the Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency category. There are more than 10 alternatives to Atomic Wallet for a variety of platforms, including Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows Open your recently downloaded Atomic Wallet and click on Create Wallet Choose a secure password, repeat your password, then click Set Password NOTE: You will be given your 12-word backup phrase here. It is very important that you write it down somewhere and keep it secure as this will be your recovery method if you ever lose your password Atomic Wallet (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Debian und Fedora) 1. Daedalus Wallet. Das Daedalus ist das offizielle Wallet für ADA, welches von der Cardano Foundation entwickelt wurde. Es ist ein hierarchisch deterministisches (HD) Wallet, welches als seriös und sicher anzusehen ist. So wird das Wallet als Open-Source-Software entwickelt und ist dadurch vollkommen transparent. Weiterhin werden die.

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Atomic Wallet is a custody free Muti-cryptocurrency wallets that supports all top blockchains and more than 500 tokens. It is available on both desktop and mobile platforms. As a custody free wallet, you get access to your Private keys and while setting up the wallet it will ask you to create a backup Atomic Wallet is the first to adopt distributed orderbook and Atomic Swaps. It is a reaction to the current industry challenges: keys stolen, exchanges get robbed and KYC/AML horror. Atomic Wallet radically solves problems described above by introducing a fundamentally new platform for custody-free, transparent, immutable cryptocurrency trading The Atomic Wallet software is open-source -meaning, the code-base is publicly available for verification and vetting which drastically reduces the chances that there could be bugs or malicious codes hidden in the software that could cause the loss or theft of users funds Atomic wallet is the first decentralized wallet offered the Membership program based on AWC (native token). All customers who are holding AWC-BEP2, will be rewarded for using a built-in exchange. Security of funds in Atomic Wallet. It is an open-source wallet which is completely secure and all your passwords and private data is encrypted in the device. However, before installing, users are advised to check their devices for malware to prevent loss of funds

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Aeternity is a platform that supports open-source, Atomic wallet offers instant support 24/7, user-friendly interface, accepted bank cards, optimal privacy, built-in exchange, security, decentralized, no deposit, and multi-currency. Even more features are coming. Subscribe. Be a part of Atomic Community! Crypto Guides How to Use. Learn more about Atomic and explore blockchain from A to Z. With the help of a special feature called Wallet Connect, you can conduct token swaps on Uniswap via the Atomic Wallet. The feature is open-source and connects desktop apps with mobile wallets via a proxy contract. You can utilize it for either trading on Uniswap or other platforms, like the Binance DEX

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Atomic Wallet is a multi-currency wallet that allows you to store up to 500 different coins and tokens in a single interface. The wallet also allows you to use Atomic Swaps in order to exchange between certain cryptocurrencies directly from within the wallet without the need for an exchange To get started with your project: clone the SDK and mobile wallet repos or fork them on github at NoRestLabs. You can integrate them into any project you would like. MouseWallet and MouseSDK are completely open source, so if you would like to contribute to the project or have any suggestions for changes, please submit a PR to the repository and we will be happy to review it Wallets. MyCrypto - Open-source, client-side toolfor generating Ethereum wallets, handling ERC-20 tokens, and interacting with the blockchain easily. Gnosis Safe Desktop - Desktop app for accessing Gnosis Safe Multisig. Atomic Wallet - Desktop and mobile wallet that allows you to buy, manage and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and over 300 coins and tokens in one secure interface. Eidoo.

Atomic wallet derives its name from a built-in mechanism in the wallet that facilitates atomic swaps. It is a desktop app that allows users full control over their crypto funds, as private keys and.. Learn how to setup Atomic Wallet to send, receive, exchange and buy cryptocurrency. Our Team. Konstantin Gladych. CEO, PhD in data science with 3 years solid experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, 10 years in IT. Konstantin is well-known as the co-founder and CEO of Changelly.com, biggest cryptocurrency instant exchange with over 2 millions active customers monthly and $0.5bln in.

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Does Atomic Wallet have fees to send or receive the assets? The process of exchange; Why are some assets unavailable for exchange? How to earn free AWC? Can I have multiple wallets on one device? How to contact Atomic Wallet Team about an exchange? What is exchange order ID and how to use it? How to upgrade the wallet and why should I? How to set a custom network fee? How to export history in. Atomic Wallet is an open-source that reduces the risk of bugs. Also, it reduces hidden vulnerabilities that pop into the programming and critical data encrypted and stored on your device. Furthermore, the risks could be tackled effectively by connecting Atomic Wallet with a hardware wallet. Moreover, it creates a shield layer of security However, Atomic wallet is available in desktop and mobile versions which provides convenience. And it is a decentralized wallet where you will get private key for every coin you store in it. It is an open source wallet which means no one can infuse any malicious code into it. Which brings trust and transparency Within Atomic Wallet, you can claim GAS automatically to the wallet. To perform that, you need to hold NEO on your address and send 1 NEO to yourself (or to the other address) to activate the process of staking. What is NEO? NEO - is an open-source, community-driven platform. It is often referred to as 'China's first blockchain platform.

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  1. Atomic Wallet. Das Atomic Wallet ist Multi-Coin-Wallet, dass insgesamt mehr als 300 verschiedene Kryptowährungen, darunter auch NEO, unterstützt. Wenn du neben NEO weitere Kryptowährungen besitzt und diese an einem Ort verwalten möchtest, dann ist das Atomic Wallet die richtige Wahl für dich. Das Wallet wurde vom Gründer der Plattform Changelly.com entwickelt und genießt in der.
  2. But there are a lot of wallets supporting UBQ. There are both software and hardware ones able to operate UBQ. Atomic Wallet. Atomic Wallet is one of the wallets suitable for storing UBQ. Besides, Atomic is a multicurrency service with the internal exchange feature. It's possible to swap assets and store them inside the wallet without leaving
  3. The Atomic Wallet also has support for purchasing Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies from within the wallet. Web & Mobile Version of Atomic Wallet for ZIL. Despite warnings that multi-platform wallets can be less secure due to the need for the development team to ensure there are no exploits in any of the version the Atomic Wallet remains extremely secure. Open Source : The only.

Find your mnemonic backup phrase in Atomic Wallet (instructions for desktop, mobile). Head to an open source tool like this, enter the mnemonic phrase in the BIP39 Mnemonic field Select the corresponding coin (e.g. BTC) Copy the public xPub key generated from the Account Extended Public Key field into CoinTracker on this pag I am trying to find concrete information on how open Atomic Wallet really is. I've read some info online about how some parts of the wallet are open source, but not everything. Yes, I could look through the GitHub page and decipher what is not there, but I was hoping there was an easier way to find this information out. For example, Bitpay makes it very clear that every app AND the servers are completely open sourced, and I just wonder how close Atomic Wallet comes to that, and why it is not.

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Open Source. 100% open sourced project for improved transparency & further developments by Blockchain & Crypto geeks. Currently Supported Atomic Swap Pairs: Bitcoin ⇋ Ethereum or ERC20. Atomic Swap support for USDT, LTC, EOS, Telos, Bitcoin Cash will be introduced in the alpha launch. Supported Currencies. Bitcoin (BTC Source: Atomic Wallet. Another popular pick with the team is the Atomic wallet. While not as pretty-looking as the previous one, this product embodies the idea of functionality over the aesthetic appeal. Atomic wallet is available on Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, as well as on smartphones as apps for Android & iOS K: Basically Atomic is built on top of common open source libraries, like bitcoin core, your keys are generated on your device even in offline mode. We know nothing about your funds. All the data is stored on the blockchain. Atomic just gets balances from various blockchain nodes and broadcast signed transactions. We also have an anonymous instant exchange that people like a lot! So it's all about your privacy

Das Atomic Wallet ist ein Community-basiertes Produkt, das Open-Source-Bibliotheken, Block-Explorer und andere Komponenten nutzt. Um die Sicherheit des Wallets zu gewährleisten, wird jedoch ein Teil der Entwicklungen geheim halten. Bei der Nutzung des Atomic Wallet fallen keinerlei Gebühren an, außer den Netzwerk-Gebühren. Bei den zusätzlichen Features des Wallets können allerdings Gebühren anfallen. So fallen für In-Wallet Peer-to-Peer Transaktionen geringe Gebühren an Open-source software development such as the development of open-source crypto wallets is essential to build safety and trust in the blockchain network. The computer program of each major cryptocurrency project is created as open-source software. Open-source software is produced as a community effort that is shared freely and published transparently. these projects are developed to be a. Open Source ❓: The only downside of the Atomic Wallet is that it is not fully open source. This means that the code has not been fully vetted by the community for its robustness. That's because it was created by a crypto-industry veteran to remain secure no matter what platform is used. This is accomplished by never exposing the private keys

Most of their code is open-source and you can see what changes have been made recently. There's nothing scammy about it apart from the new accounts that literally have zero posts other than bashing Atomic. While there's still a lot left to be desired compared to some wallets, they are very active in development and have many more things coming soon Atomic ist ein user-freundlicher dezentralisierter EOS Wallet mit gutem Supportsystem. Der Desktop Wallet kann über 300 verschiedene Kryptowährungen verwalten und funktioniert mit allen gängigen Betriebssystemen wie Windows, Mac OS und Linux Atomic Wallet ist eine leistungsstarke Multi-Crypto-Wallet, die DOGE und mehr als hundert andere Kryptowährungen, wie Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. unterstützt. Dieses Wallet ist sowohl auf dem Desktop als auch auf dem Handy verfügbar. Es ist nützlich für Benutzer, die mehr als eine Art von Krypto an der gleichen Stelle aufbewahren wollen Die Atomic Wallet wurde zu 100% sicher erstellt, vorausgesetzt, Sie befolgen die Sicherheitsrichtlinien für die Verwendung der Brieftasche. Da es sich um eine Open-Source-Brieftasche handelt, können Sie den Code selbst untersuchen, um sicherzustellen, dass er frei von Fehlern oder anderen Sicherheitslücken ist. Wenn Sie mit Code nicht vertraut sind, können Sie sicher sein, dass die Benutzergemeinschaft den Code geprüft hat, um sicherzustellen, dass er sauber und ohne Sicherheitslücken ist Das Atomic Wallet ist ein Community-basiertes Produkt, das Open-Source-Bibliotheken, Block-Explorer und andere Komponenten nutzt. Um die Sicherheit des Wallets zu gewährleisten, wird jedoch ein Teil der Entwicklungen geheim halten

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Das Atomic Wallet ist ein Multi-Coin-Wallet, welches sich an Nutzer richtet, die eine All-in-One Lösung für alle ihren Kryptowährungen suchen. Mit über 300 Kryptowährungen kann das Atomic Wallet die größte Anzahl an Coins (in unserem Vergleich) verwalten und ist sowohl als Desktop- als auch mobile Version für iOS und Android verfügbar Es gibt noch andere Wallets wie Infinito oder Atomic Wallet und wir kennen Leute die sie verwenden und zufrieden damit sind. Da wir sie aktuell selbst nicht verwenden würden, können wir sie hier nicht empfehlen. Unserer Meinung nach, müssen Wallets Open-Source sein. Dass sie Closed-Source sind bedeutet allerdings nicht, dass sie unsicher oder schlecht wären. Mehr über Wallets und ihre. The top 3 Ripple desktop wallets are: Toast; Atomic; Rippex #1 Toast. Toast wallet is an open source and free desktop wallet for XRP, which supports all the operating systems- Mac, Linux, and Windows. Not only its one of the most reputable Ripple desktop wallets, but it also has its mobile availability on both iOS and Android. Toast wallet is predominantly easy to set up and use, which is a cross-platform Ripple wallet that is appropriate for both beginners and experts Why Did Altcoin.io Open Source the Wallet? The team started working upon the success of Decred's on-chain atomic swap. It completed the first on-chain Ethereum to Bitcoin atomic swap and then created the first atomic swap wallet. The wallet had to become the foundation of the decentralized exchange, but slower transaction times were a problem

The Only Open Source Multi-Asset Wallet - Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), DASH, Ravencoin (RVN), DigiByte (DGB), Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 tokens supported - HODLERTECH/HODLER-Open-Source-Multi-Asset-Wallet Atomic, opgericht door Changelly 's voormalig CEO Konstantin Gladych in 2018 zijn team focust met de Atomic wallet op het verwezenlijken van een buitengewone gebruikerservaring. Het is een complete Bitcoin wallet voor het uitvoeren van atomic swaps en het beheren van andere crypto's. De app is volledig geoptimaliseerd voor jouw apparaat

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The wallet is open source and has cross platform capabilities, but it currently works only on desktop architectures like Linux, OSX, and Windows. The founders and creators of the wallet said that they won't be looking to break through into the world of hardware wallets, at least not until there's further work to be done on improving the current client's privacy features and stability. Wallets sind auch außerhalb der Welt der von Bitcoin & Co. bekannt und werden manchmal als Cyberwallet oder E-Wallet bezeichnet. Damit lassen sich auf verschiedenen elektronischen Plattformen digitale Güter bezahlen. Ebenso verhält es sich mit der Wallet für Kryptowährungen. Wer mit Bitcoin etwas kaufen möchte, bezahlt aus seiner Wallet

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Atomic Wallet works as a decentralized wallet platform for custody-free, immutable, cross-chain, and transparent cryptocurrency trading. The trading takes place on the wallet's decentralized atomic swap exchange. This exchange lets users operate without the need to register and perform annoying and privacy intruding KYC/AML verifications Not Open Source : Take note though that the core code of the Atomic Wallet is not open source so it cannot be independently verified. The mobile wallet is listed in both the iTunes store and Google Play. It is rated at 4.6 in the former and 4.4 in the latter. What is quite encouraging about this is even in those cases where users had a problem with the wallet, their support team was quick.

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Atomic wallet is an open-source, anonymous cryptocurrency wallet that supports over 300 coins and multiple tokens including Golem (GNT). Atomic wallet has built-in exchange so that user can convert their crypto coins within the wallet only. It allows you to earn through staking of the PoS coins and also offers users to get Airdrops for new tokens. AWC is the native cryptocurrency of the wallet. Step 1 — Download the Atomic Wallet. Before you can get started with Atomic Wallet, you'll have to download it, which you can do on their website. Atomic Wallet is available for both desktops.

There are other wallets like Infinito or Atomic Wallet and we know people that are happy with them. Since we would not use them ourselves at the moment, we cannot recommend them here. In our opinion wallets should be open source. This does not mean they are insecure or bad. More about wallets and their attack vector Open source coding has greatly helped the cryptocurrency movement no doubt. Cryptocurrency is difficult to understand for the average software programmer who doesn't have a sophisticated math.

Atomic Wallet is Fantastic Atomic wallet is fantastic! I highly recommend, this is my favorite wallet and I will continue to use it. Atomic has by far the most supported coins. (Can't wait for all supported coins to be listed on mobile!) You can Exchange between almost any coin, SO AWESOME! No need to move coins to an exchange like Binance. Atomic Wallet is an open-source, decentralized, anonymous, multi-coin wallet that supports more than 300+ coins and multiple tokens including Bitcoin SV (BSV). Users are allowed to exchange the cryptocurrencies within the wallet through a built-in exchange feature. Users can earn extra through one-click staking of the PoS coins. Currently, Atomic wallet is airdropping 15 AWC coins for. Do you agree with Atomic Wallet's star rating? Check out what 3,753 people have written so far, and share your own experience. | Read 201-220 Reviews out of 3,75

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Atomic Wallet ¶ https://atomicwallet.io Coinomi ist eine Open-Source Wallet für iOS und Android, über die viele verschiedene Kryptowährungen gelagert werden können. Die Private Keys verlassen niemals das Endgerät und die starke Verschlüsselung der Wallet garantiert, dass nur der Nutzer Zugriff auf seine Kryptowährungen hat. Über ShapeShift und Changelly können die. Atomic Wallet ist ein sicherer All-in-One-Kryptowährungsspeicher ohne Verwahrung mit einer reibungslosen und umfassenden Schnittstelle. Die Brieftasche unterstützt Atomic Swaps, eine hochmoderne Funktion, mit der Benutzer erheblich an Gebühren sparen können. Atomic Wallet ermöglicht es Benutzern auch, Kryptowährung mit USD und EUR zu kaufen und ihre Vermögenswerte zu den besten Preisen.

Closed Source ‍: It's important to point out that Atomic Wallet is not 100% open source which means that the code has not been vetted by the community. It has not had any security breaches in its recent history though. Finally let's not forget that users can stake ALGO in the Atomic wallet. It is also possible to stake 8 other cryptocurrencies, including Tezos (XTZ), Tron. Atomic Wallet was founded in 2017 by Konstantin Gladych, founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Changelly. Atomic Wallet has approximately 25 employees and is headquartered in Estonia. Support. 500+ coins. Open Source. No. Location. Estonia. Contact. https://atomicwallet.io @AtomicWallet Guarda Wallet is a multi-asset, non-custodial, open-source cryptocurrency wallet which supports LSK and. The Atomic Wallet's code is open-source, which means anyone can examine it. The fact that this company is so transparent with their coding speaks volumes about its security. For any data that's sensitive, this is all stored on your personal device instead of the wallet's database. So the onus is on you to keep your devices free of malware; this includes your smartphones and tablets. You. Atomic Wallet. Atomic Wallet is a thoroughly well-known multi-asset wallet, offering over 300 different digital assets. Like Trust Wallet, this is an excellent wallet in case you'd like to.

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Atomic wallet is one of the best wallets supporting BCH SV, which is a desktop wallet. Atomic wallet helps the users stay anonymous and secure by advocating decentralization in their process. You can control your own funds and can swap tokens efficiently, as and when required. Atomic wallet is a multi-currency wallet that supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash SV, and many more. Atomic Wallet est certes un portefeuille crypto bien reconnu au sein de la cryptosphère, mais il a encore du chemin à faire pour se classer parmi les meilleures plateformes du marché. En effet, durant notre analyse approfondie, nous avons rencontré plusieurs lacunes qui fragilisent la réputation du wallet crypto Atomic. Cela lui vaut des critiques acerbes de la part de ses utilisateurs Blank Wallet has been an open-source project since the original public release. Related Pages: Learn about Atomic Wallet Coin. Learn about SafePal. What are ERC-20 tokens? Find out on CMC Alexandria. Enhance your knowledge of crypto with the CoinMarketCap blog. How Many Blank Wallet (BLANK) Coins Are There in Circulation? BLANK is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency token. It has a maximum supply. Atomic Wallet Coin price today is $2.35 USD, which is up by 0.99% over the last 24 hours. There has been an hourly dip by -1.29%. Atomic Wallet Coin's market cap currently sits at $24,943,000.00 USD, holding up for a market cap rank at #774. There is an upsurge in the weekly values by 13.85% Yesterday's opening price reports to be $2.35 USD while closing rates were $2.36 USD The high/low.

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Click here to access Atomic Cardano wallet #7 AdaLite. AdaLite is an open-source client-side interface wallet, which is compatible with Trezor Model T, Ledger wallet S and Ledger wallet X. You can directly interact with the Cardano blockchain It is like using a hardware wallet. AdaLite was created as a project by Vacuumlabs, is a new project with a unique vision to help the Cardano users protect their funds from any sort of attacks Store and manage cryptocurrencies in a completely decentralized and user-friendly way. view online read more. command-line wallet. Easily perform transactions, query for blockchain data and manage deterministic keys. download for Linux & MacOS read the documentation Most of the wallets are open source. To avoid unnecessary loss of funds, consider avoiding closed source wallets. Those are Atomic Wallet, Jaxx, Exodus. Although they have a fair level of code. Electrum als Exodus Alternative. Electrum ist eine kostenlose Bitcoin Wallet für Linux, Mac, Windows und Android. Im Gegensatz zu Exodus ist Electrum ein Open Source Programm. Sie machen sich also nicht von einer einzelnen Firma abhängig. Gesichert mit einem geheimes Passwort wird Ihre Wallet vor eventuellem Verlust geschützt

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100%. Decentralized. 100%. Open Source. 0%. Platform Fees. Atomicswapwallet.io is a non-custodial (decentralized) browser-based cryptocurrency wallet supporting p2p swaps via Atomic Swaps. Atomicswapwallet.io does not store your data, keys or coins Secure and Customer Support With Atomic Wallet Despite being available on the web through desktop and mobile devices, Atomic Wallet is categorized as a 'cold' wallet. This provides the most secure type of wallet for your Ether tokens, as all passwords, data, and even your private keys are generated locally and stored on your selected device (rather than on a centralized exchange) Atomic Wallet works as a decentralized wallet platform for custody-free, immutable, cross-chain, and transparent cryptocurrency trading. The trading takes place on the wallet's decentralized atomic swap exchange. This exchange lets users operate without the need to register and perform annoying and privacy intruding KYC/AML verifications. It also offers its users the ability to trade their tokens in a more classical manner via integrated ShapeShift/Changelly plug-ins With the Atomic wallet, users can trade the coin with others considering it comes with an instant exchange powered by Changelly and Shapeshifts. When it comes to security features, the BNB Atomic wallet deploys a number of features to guarantee the safety of your tokens. The private keys are generated by the mnemonic seed phrase and stored in an encrypted manner locally. You are able to control your BNB coins. In case the device is lost you will able to restore access to your assets by the.

Atomic Wallet can accommodate 500 different types of tokens and coins. It also gives users the power to perform atomic swaps, allowing crypto transfers without the use of an exchange, which can help to keep fees down. Exodus is another awesome desktop crypto wallet. It has built a great reputation for being user- friendly, so it is great for crypto newcomers. Its gorgeous interface makes for a. Atomic Wallet is theoretically completely secure, as long as you do everything correctly. It's open source , which significantly reduces the chances of bugs or hidden vulnerabilities creeping into the programming and critical data like passwords are encrypted and only stored locally on your device Open source guides; Connect with others. Events; Community forum; GitHub Education; GitHub Stars program ; Marketplace; Pricing Plans → Compare plans; Contact Sales; Nonprofit → Education → Search All GitHub ↵ Jump to ↵ No suggested jump to results; Search All GitHub ↵ Jump to ↵ Search All GitHub ↵ Jump to ↵ Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Atomic Wallet Repositories Packages. The Top 136 Wallet Open Source Projects. Categories > Blockchain > Wallet. Awesome Coins ⭐ 3,290 ₿ A guide (for humans!) to cryto-currencies and their algos. Wallet ⭐ 3,180. Bitpay Wallet (formerly Copay) is a secure Bitcoin and other crypto currencies wallet platform for both desktop and mobile devices. Status React ⭐ 3,100. a free (libre) open source, mobile OS for Ethereum. Bcoin. Atomic Wallet is the first desktop wallet for HBAR holders, providing decentralized storage solutions and token swaps. Dallas, TX — February 27, 2020 — Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise-grade distributed ledger, has announced the addition of its native HBAR coin to Atomic Wallet, the decentralized multi-currency wallet with built-in atomic swaps

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The wallet is built using two of Liquality's core open-source components - the Chain Abstraction Layer (CAL), and an automated wallet bot. The CAL is an open-source modular library that simplifies cross blockchain development, which projects like Atomic Loans are using to expand the cross-chain ecosyste Atomic Wallet is universal non-custodial app for over 300 cryptocurrencies. Secure, manage and exchange your assets right in your hand! Supported cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP (Ripple), Stellar, Litecoin, Tron, BitTorrent, DigiByte, DogeCoin, Dash, Tezos, NEO+GAS, ZCash, QTUM, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV. ERC20 Tokens: TUSD, NPXS, OMG, BAT, ZRX and 300+ others Bitcoin wallet and Lightning wallet for iOS and Android focus on security and UX. Open source, Segwit and HD wallets, lightning network, plausible deniability, replace by fee and full encryptio

Cryptocurrency Wallet - Manage your Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, XLM, and over 300 other coins and tokens - Atomic Wallet MetaMask Alternatives. MetaMask is described as 'bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today' and is an app in the Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency category. There are nine alternatives to MetaMask for a variety of platforms, including Android, iPhone, the Web, SaaS and iPad Atomic Wallet. If you're looking for a handy and secure way to store Ethereum, Atomic Wallet is the perfect option. This wallet offers a lot of useful features, such as support of more than 300 coins and tokens, built-in exchange and Buy crypto options, Atomic Swaps and much more. At the moment you can enjoy Atomic Wallet on Windows, MacOS.

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Atomic Wallet. Atomic is a very simple, comprehensive, and light wallet that you can install on your device and easily store, send, receive, exchange, and buy Ripple. It's approved by many users from XRP community because of its smooth UI and many features inside. Even for non-tech oriented users, Atomic Wallet becomes a quite credible alternative in contrast with a range of complicated. Atomic Wallet is a decentralized Cryptocurrency wallet that supports more than 500 coins and tokens, providing simplicity, safety, and convenience for its users. MyCrypto. MyCrypto is an open-source, client-side tool for interacting with the blockchain. Developed by and for the community beginning in 2015, we're focused on building awesome products that put the power in people's hands. Open Source : Given that Atomic Wallet is third party proprietary software, the core wallet files are not open source. While this is not a concern for some, open source advocates would claim that this can reduce the security of the code. Although the Atomic Wallet seems like it could be a great alternative for your Cardano, it is unclear whether this will allow you to stake your ADA on the. Atomic Wallet is a universal, fully decentralized, multi-currency, and convenient app with a simple interface that supports over 300 cryptocurrencies. It's designed to be the best option if you're looking for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, Tron wallet. Moreover, Atomic works perfectly for any cryptocurrencies listed in the app. Secure, manage and exchange your crypto right in your hand

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