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  1. How to stake Cardano - Step by step 1. Install Daedalus Mainnet Wallet. Go to daedaluswallet.io/en/download to download and install the latest version of... 2. Create or restore a Cardano wallet. Open Daedalus wallet, accept the default settings: Click on Continue. Review... 3. Move your Cardano.
  2. Cardano delegation is the method by which individual coin holders can delegate their ADA to staking pools and earn Cardano rewards based on the size and performance metrics of those pools
  3. Understanding the delegation mechanism As Cardano is a proof-of-stake system, owning ada, or holding stake, not only allows you to buy goods or services, but also confers upon you the right and obligation to participate in the protocol and create blocks

Delegations - Cardano Foundation. Official: Delegation rules # Pool Delegation Live Stake Pledge Group; 1. [MINT] Colorado Mint: 15.21M ₳ 15.39M ₳ 173.30k ₳ group Single Pool Operators: 2. [BRAIN] Cardano Digital Brain Power: 15.25M ₳ 15.36M ₳ 57.06k ₳ group Single Pool Operators: 3. [NINJA] STAKE POOL NINJA: 15.40M ₳ 15.82M ₳ 165.31k ₳ group Single Pool Operators: 4. [WORLD. I like to delegate in pools that at least will bring value to the community, not just in the Cardano community circle. There are pools out there who uses the pool margin to donate to charities. Some also will use renewable energy such as solar to power their homes and run the stakepool. I'll also make sure that the pool itself is generating rewards for me on a consistent basis, so I would. Juli 2020 veröffentlicht, aber hier werden wir einen Blick darauf werfen, wie Sie Ihren Stake mit Ledger Nano S /X Hardware Wallet delegieren können. Die Übertragung ist ein Prozess des Delegierens von ADA an einen Staking-Pool. Staking Pools machen eigentlich das Cardano-Netzwerk, da sie Transaktionen (Blöcke) produzieren

Cardano ist ein Proof-of-Stake-System, d.h. der Besitz von Ada-Token bedeutet, dass Sie neben der Verwendung von Ada als Mittel zum Kauf von Waren oder Dienstleistungen auch das Recht und die Pflicht haben, sich an dem Protokoll zu beteiligen und Blöcke zu erstellen Cardano is considered third-generation crypto and is building a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain network, being developed into a decentralised application (DApp) development platform with a multi-asset ledger and verifiable smart contracts. Based on peer-reviewed academic research, Cardano is working towards building a blockchain that is viable for real-world applications, by making it scalable.

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  1. A stake pool is a reliable server node that focuses on the maintenance and holds the combined stake of various stakeholders in a single entity. Stake pools are responsible for processing transactions and producing new blocks and are at the core of Ouroboros, the Cardano proof-of-stake protocol
  2. Cardano Stake Delegation Survey. This survey is anonymous! Learn More. Welcome! The goal of this survey is to give Cardano stake pool operators insight into what matters most to potential delegators. The survey is anonymous, and the results will be shared with the public by @MEME_Pool on Twitter, the r/Cardano subreddit, and the Cardano forums. The survey is not affiliated with any official.
  3. I've just successfully gotten set up with the Daedalus Wallet, and I've chosen a pool to delegate my stake to. When I first deposited, Daedalus didn't provide me an option to choose how MUCH of my ADA that it would let me delegate, and made a deposit of 2 ADA which is currently pending. Is this something that is done as a sort of test transaction, and I'll be able to delegate the rest of.
  4. Cardano provides this calculator for guidance only and accepts no responsibility for any discrepancy between estimated and actual rewards. This calculator is for guidance only. Select a calculator. I want to. Delegate my stake. Run a stake pool. Advanced options. Reset. Share. Ada amount ₳ Set the amount of ada you want to delegate. Currency. Please select the currency you wish to see.
  5. This video demonstrates how to delegate and undelegate your Cardano Ada Stake using the Daedalus wallet. Digital Fortress pool ticker is DIGI.#Daedalus #Card..
  6. Stake Pool Delegation is the option that helps ADA holders earn rewards. They can delegate their ADA to other stake pools or run their own. Cardano has a proof-of-stake protocol called Ouroboros that chooses who adds the next block of the blockchain by looking at the amount of stake delegated to each stake pool
  7. Community pools are the lifeblood of the network. And earlier this year we confirmed our commitment to a vibrant proof-of-stake (PoS) ecosystem when we delegated over 300M ada to our first cohort of community stake pools. The number of pools now stands at over 2,000 - responsible for nearly three-quarters of the ada in circulation

If you delegate your ADA during epoch 0, CardanoCafe - or any other stake pool - will include your stake in the process of block-producing two epochs later. This is how Cardano ecosystem works. Again, two epochs after that you will begin receiving rewards. This is the case in any epoch you begin delegating your stake in Sobald man einen passenden Staking Pool gefunden hat und sich über dessen Konditionen informiert hat, kann man seine ADA über die Schaltfläche Delegate an den entsprechenden Pool delegieren. In obigem Beispiel würde sich der Stake Pool von THC Cardano Stake World am meisten lohnen. Das liegt daran, dass Anleger bei diesem Pool, basierend auf den Gewinnen der letzten 30 Tage, eine. Participation in Cardano staking is initiated from your Daedalus or Yorio wallet and your Ada never leaves your wallet. If you currently hold your Ada on a crypto exchange then download the Daedalus wallet from the Cardano website and transfer your Ada from the exchange into your wallet The arrival of Cardano Shelley opens up a whole new world of staking, delegation and ada rewards. In this video, we'll walk you through the delegation featur..

All nodes updated to 1.25.1 and prepared for the Mary Hard Fork Combinator. First epoch with active stake is about to end. No blocks but chances were slim. Delegate to CHEST and help this small pool thrive! Janaury 23rd, 2021: Waiting on another Epoch for current delegation to become active stake. Node's are all active and have processed around. A stake is any amount of Ada held on the Cardano network. The size of the stake correlates with the amount of Ada held. You can earn rewards on your stake by assigning or delegating it to a stake pool. These rewards are paid to the stake pool operators and to the delegators, staking contributes to the decentralization of the Cardano network When delegation and staking launched with the delivery of Shelley, we released a short 'staking for beginners' article to guide you through the process of delegating your ada to a stake pool When you choose a Cardano stake pool to delegate to, consider small pools as they are likely to be independent and need a helping hand to get boosted to start minting blocks for the pool. Delegating to the small pools ensures that the network remains decentralised and ADA delegation isn't all being sent to the biggest pools. This is why the saturation factor is so important. Over time the.

Cardano Shelley: How to delegate from the YOROI wallet. 11-08-2020 cardanians.io Twitter Facebook. The delegation guide for YOROI users. Delegation of ADA coins to a stake pool. The delegation is a very easy task. Go to the Delegation and insert a stake pool ID. In the example below, we have used the Cardanians stake pool ID (ticker #CRDNS. Cardano Community Support FA Cardano main-net runs as a decentralized network using Proof-of-Stake consensus. You can participate in the decentralization of the network and delegate your ADA coins to a pool. Operators are able to register their pool tickers and you will find them in the Daedalus. You can just select a pool a delegate you ADA coins to it. The pool will have a higher total stake and you will be regularly.

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  1. Delegation is a process of delegating ADA to a staking pool. Staking pools actually make the Cardano network as they produce transactions (blocks). If someone that holds ADA does not have a..
  2. Stake Delegation. shelley. Enderd 5 August 2020 20:24 #1. Hi. Please could someone clarify the cost of staking. I understand that a fee/tax must be paid per epoch as a percentage however when calculating potential returns on my investment I am confused regarding the 340 ADA standard fee. If I pay 340 per epoch as I have heard, if I only have a modest stake of 5000 ADA then my fees would be.
  3. How to stake from AdaLite Wallet? 1. Go to http://adalite.io and choose your preferred way of . 2. Launch the Cardano app on your hardware wallet and perform the required key presses to unlock your AdaLite wallet. 3. Go to the Staking tab shown at the top. 4. In the right side of the screen,.
  4. Stake Delegation. needshelps. 11 September 2020 05:05 #1. When I originally delegated I paid a ~2 ada fee to do so. Was this a deposit that I get back when I'm no longer delegating? I have unredeemed rewards. If I empty my wallet, where do those rewards end up? Do they just appear in my wallet after the following epoch? I emptied my wallet - showing 0 balance, but it still shows me delegated.
  5. Ada holders can delegate to public stake pools if they wish to participate in the protocol and receive rewards, but do not wish to operate a Cardano network node themselves. The more stake that is delegated to a stake pool, the greater chance it has of being selected as a slot leader
  6. When you initially stake you delegate your full wallet so any new ADA added at any time will be auto staked for you. I've just made a Daedalus wallet and learnt how to delegate cardano from exchange through to your pool by watching your videos so block 249 and 23000 ADA on the way. I hope this helps, thanks for your hard work and effort so far. Its not going unnoticed for beginners.
  7. ADA holders can now delegate their tokens to the bid pool and receive rewards without having to launch their own nodes. In this simple guide, we will tell you how to stake Cardano tokens (ADA) via the Daedalus desktop wallet to receive rewards. How to create a Daedalus wallet. Before you start, you need to download the wallet from the official.

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Valence Stake Pool - Delegate Your Cardano (ADA) Professionally run Cardano stake pool fostering the reliability and power of the Google Cloud Platform Learn more about Cardano, how it works, how to delegate to a Cardano stake pool and a lot more. March 9, 2021. Easiest Ways to Buy ADA in Australia. There are a few ways to buy ADA in Australia. The important thing is to try and avoid international conversion fees, credit card fees, and minimise exchange and transfer fees which can cost you ADA or AUD. Yes, all those fees really add up and we. Originally realized by our founder Tobias Fancee, our objective is to promote Cardano awareness in the cryptocurrency space through engagements on social media. At FanceePool we believe that Cardano users should be able to delegate their stake to high-performance pools with minimal fees. This is why our stake pool utilizes a bare-metal set-up

Cardano has been designed from the ground up with decentralization at its core and, in particular, in its stake delegation and reward mechanisms. On the Cardano network, pools above a certain size will not be competitive, and delegation rewards for everyone are optimal when there are many medium-sized pools Step 7: Delegate to bull pool. Now that you have your funds in your wallet you can finally stake your Ada. So, go to the delegation list and search BULL1. We should be the only pool that pops up so click Delegate on the right side of the screen. Here enter how much Ada you want to stake and type your spending password Cardano is a so called third generation blockchain platform. Using Proof of Stake (PoS) it has several advantages above Proof of Work (PoW). The PoS system is energy efficient, more safe and decentralized, less expensive and provides economic benefits through masternode and staking platforms On the one hand, operating a stake pool is an experience in working together with the Cardano community and striving for the success of the network as a whole, but on the other, it is also a competition to attract the trust and eventually the delegation of you, the Cardano believers Delegation in Cardano is a 3 step process. First, you select which pool you want to delegate to in the Daedalus or Yoroi wallet. You'll then need to wait until the end of the epoch for the current state of stake allocation on the blockchain to be snapshotted. Since an epoch lasts 5 days, you could wait up to 5 days for this to happen

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Here you must choose which pool you will delegate/stake your ADA. Few things to note: There is no danger to lose the funds, your funds will never leave your wallet. You are just telling the network that you are delegating your stake to the selected pool and not sanding any ADA. There are some parameters to consider: Cost per epoch: This is a fixed amount of ADA that the pool operator will get. Stake Delegation in Cardano SL. This chapter describes implementation details of the stake delegation process. As described earlier, stakeholders selected as slot leaders must be online in order to generate new blocks. However, such a situation can be unattractive, because a majority of elected stakeholders must participate in the Coin Tossing protocol for refreshing randomness (crucial. Stake pool operators may opt to pledge some or all of their stake to make their pool more attractive. The higher the amount of ADA pledged, the more rewards the pool will receive. Goat Stake has a total of 10 million+ ADA pledged across all Goat pools. We operate some of the highest-pledged stake pools on the market The Cardano Foundation, a Zug, Switzerland-based organisation that's focused on standardizing, protecting and promoting the Cardano protocol technology, has unveiled the delegation system for the project, as it marches towards complete decentralization. Cardano (ADA) Unveils Delegation Methodology With the Cardano Shelley era now upon us, the team is now puttin

The way the Cardano protocol works, is by taking a snapshot of the delegation status for all wallets between each epoch. The delegation choice will then become active 2 epochs later, and the rewards will the be paid out after 1 additional epoch. As an example, the cycle is as follows: Epoch 220: Stake is delegate Step 3: Delegate your stake. Select Delegation Center on the left side of the screen. Select the desired wallet and click Delegate (wallet must have at least 10 ADA in order to delegate). Select your desired stake pool (VIPER is a great choice!) Confirm your staking delegation and enter your spending password. You have now staked your ADA! You. Cardano is a global network and Rocky Mountain will be staking Cardano here for many years to come. Centralization is out! I've developed software, built data centers and run a 24/7 operation. But that's old news. With Cardano we are kicking off a new age of decentralization - one where the entire community has a voice and delegation can be taken away as quickly as it is given. Community. Cardano-TH is an efficient and secure Stake Pool allowing you to easily participate in the functioning of the Cardano blockchain. Our target is to build a community in Thailand, to give knowledge about Cardano blockchain to Thai people, and to become one of decentralized parts. Once we get % margin fee, which will be voted by community, and we will donate all of % margin fee to charities.

Your stake produces blocks with Steak.and.ADA. Epoch 3 (5 Days) - Rewards Calculation Phase: Your share of rewards are calculated by the ADA protocol. Epoch 4 - Rewards Payout Phase: After initial delegation 15-20 days ago, you're paid automatically for all blocks produced by Steak.and.ADA in Epoch 2 The Cardano testnet gives you the opportunity to test Shelley functionality, including stake pools, stake delegation, and decentralization, before these features are deployed on the Cardano mainnet. The goal of the testnet is to provide stake pool operators with a chance to actively test the core Shelley functionality and prepare for running stake pools on the Cardano mainnet. So, do give us. Cardano's Daedalus wallet also helps users choose a pool through its delegation screen: Once you've staked your ADA, you don't have to do anything at all: rewards are automatically paid out, and there is no need to make a claim. If you do not withdraw your original stake, your ADA will remain staked, and you will continue to earn rewards. How Will Cardano Achieve Decentralization. NEXUS Cardano Stake Pool Changing the world through research and decentralization. NEXUS is a secure and reliable Cardano stake pool, connecting delegators to research and development of next generation health technologies. Leverage your investment and support the SENS Research Foundation. The SENS Research Foundation funds innovative research at universities across the world, at their own.

Delegate via Daedalus to the pool with ticker: CRFA. Hardware. We are running CardanoFans staking pool on Digital Ocean cloud with two relay nodes and one block producing. Monitoring. We have setup advanced monitoring with altering in case things get pear shaped. Operators. Welcome to CardanoFans Cardano (CRFA) Stake Pool. We are professional. 4) To delegate your stake to a stake pool you need to do it from the Delegation Center in Daedalus app. 5) If the stake pool that you were delegating to, disappears, gets retired, stops working, or has any other bad performance issue, you can just re-delegate your stake to another stake pool. Your funds are always secure under your control How To Delegate Your Stake To ADASTrong. We want to start out by saying that we STRONGLY recommend you store your ADA using the Daedalus or Yoroi wallet. These wallets are the official Cardano options and support the built-in delegation process. The Yoroi wallet also supports a mobile app as well. When logged into either of these wallets, you simply navigate to the delegation center and select. CHEST is an independent Stake Pool operator located in Chicago, IL. Focusing on the decentralization and growth of the Cardano blockchain. Download the Daedalus or Yoroi wallet and stake with us today Click on delegation tab; Click on Stake pools tab; Type in ANGEL or SION in the pools search box; Click on the result and you should get a popup window like the one to the right ; Click on Delegate to this pool button and follow the instructions to enter your spending password; Verify your delegation transaction, and as soon as you see LOW confirmation you are done - Yoroi delegation.

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E-Mail : contact /at/ cardano.ich-war-hier.de. Twitter : IWH Pool; Questions Should I delegate to a 'small' pool? Absolutely. The whole point of offering as much independently run stake pools as possible is decentralization of power and resiliance. If you value this: Delegate to comparatively small pools and evaluate their performance over a longer time. Will small pools ever mint. Welcome to Dutchpool. eu, the Cardano stake pool with Dutch support. Would you also like to participate and build a passive income? Delegate your ADA coins in an involved stakepool for and with * Dutch... * No Dutchman, then you are of course also welcome to delegate in our stakepool... :-) To support our Dutch-speaking stake pools, you can use your ADA at Dutchpool. Our name Ticker is NLD and.

Delegation of stake is a mechanism inherent in the Cardano proof of stake (PoS) protocol that allows the protocol to scale even in a setting where the set of stakeholders is highly fragmented. Anyone who owns ada can participate in the delegation of stake process while retaining their spending power You can delegate your stake to one of the many public pools and earn passive income. Cardano time - Epoch and Slots. Time in Cardano is split into Epoch and Slots. A Cardano epoch currently includes 432,000 slots of 1 second, which equates to 5 days The current chain density is 5%. This means that for every 20 slots ( 20 seconds), one slot is awarded a leader ( 1/20 is 5%). The Cardano. The latest major platform to switch from their Byron-era code was Yoroi, a lightweight Cardano wallet. On Aug, 11, the delegation update was released, enabling Yoroi users to delegate their funds to a stake pool through the desktop version of Yoroi. Great news! Yoroi Chrome delegation update is released cardano-cli shelley stake-address delegation-certificate \--stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey \--cold-verification-key-file cold.vkey \--out-file delegation.cert. This creates a delegation certificate which delegates fund from all stake addresses associated with key stake.vkey to the pool belonging to cold key cold.vkey. If we had used different staking keys for the pool owners in the.

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Cardano wird die Funktion der one-to-many Delegierung erhalten, womit Inhaber ihre ADA an mehrere Stake Pools delegieren können. Um die Sicherheit der Stake Pool Betreiber zu erhöhen, hat Charles Hoskinson auch die Entwicklung von zwei neuen Funktionen für die Ledger und Trezor angekündigt An independant Cardano Stakepool, operated by an enterprising farmer from a small Scottish Island. For reliablity and connectivity the servers are located in a Tier 3 datacentre in London, powered 100% by renewable energy. ADA Farm is here to help grow the decentralisation of Cardano network and bring delegation rewards to regular ADA hodlers Involved with Cardano since Day 1, I was among the forum first active members in 2017, and involved in popular community projects such as the creation of Cardano Wiki, along with other pioneers who will recognise themselves, as well as the creation of Mission Driven Pools [MDP], a growing group of committed Stake Pool Operators donating to various charities. We are currently setting up Proof.

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Earning a passive income by staking Cardano is easy as piece of cake. How much will I make in this pool? By staking . I would make 1 234 USD in a year (that's 102 USD in a month) How to join . Yoroi. Open Delegation tab in the wallet; Type POS in the search box; Piece of Stake pool appears; Click on DELEGATE button; AdaLite. Open Staking tab in the wallet; paste our stake pool ID. On Ubuntu/Debian, this guide will illustrate how to install and configure a Cardano stake pool from source code on a two node setup with 1 block producer node and 1 relay node Cardano is more than just a cryptocurrency, however, it is a technological platform based on Proof Of Stake that will be capable of running financial applications currently used every day by individuals, organisations and governments all around the world. Unlike most other currencies, Cardano is built from scratch

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cardano-cli shelley stake-address delegation-certificate \ --staking-verification-key-file stake.vkey \ --stake-pool-verification-key-file cold.vkey \ --out-file delegation.cert should create delegation.cert file. Get the transaction hash and index of the UTXO to spend cardano-cli shelley query utxo \ --address $(cat payment.addr) \ --mainnet example return: TxHash TxIx Lovelace. Choose delegation (1) in the left pane and select the Stake pools tab (2). Type in AHL or AHLNET in the search box and my pool tile should show. Click on my stake pool and a popup window appear. Click on Delegate to this pool button (3) and follow the instructions to complete the delegation You can delegate to us using your Deadalus or Yoroi wallets. You can also delegate using your Ledger or Trezor hardware wallets. Look for the Cardano Abú pool! Why Stake your Ada Cardano - a third generation blockchain based on a scientific, peer-reviewed philosophy - utilizes Proof-of-Stake (PoS) for its consensus mechanism to achieve the same security guarantees as Bitcoin - a first generation blockchain. A consensus mechanism is the way a blockchain secures its network and records cardano-cli shelley stake-address The stake-address command contains the following sub commands: key-gen: creates a single address key pair. build: builds a stake address. register: registers a stake address . delegate: delegates from a stake address to a stake pool. de-register: de-registers a stake address. registration-certificate: creates a registration certificate. delegation-certificate.

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For more information on buying and selling Cardano ADA to enable you to Delegate on Cardano Stake Pools, please visit our Cardano Markets information page - Cardano Markets. Stake Pools - Ticker Details. To stake your ADA, search for Cardano Staking Hub or search for Stake Pool Tickers CSH01 / CSH02 / CSH03 / CSH04. CSH01. CSH02. CSH03. CSH04. Lowest Pool Fees, highest possible ADA Staker. By staking with us you are supporting the decentralisation of Cardano ecosystem. We operate highly secure and reliable stake pools, and commit to permanently fair fees. * We are waiving the variable fee for all new and existing delegators until September 30th 2021 when it will revert to 0.99% Proof of Stake. Using proof of stake for a cryptocurrency is a hotly debated design choice, however because it adds a mechanism to introduce secure voting, has more capacity to scale, and permits more exotic incentive schemes, we decided to embrace it.. Our proof of stake protocol is called Ouroboros and it has been designed by an extremely talented team of cryptographers from five academic.

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By Jake Simmons July 3, 2020 Source: Aleksandra Sova - Shutterstock Holders of ADA, Cardano's associated cryptocurrency, will now be able to hold their ADA in Coinbase Custody's institutional-grade solution without losing the ability to delegate their stake Cardano enthusiasts can now register as stake pool operators, and ada holders may delegate their stake to pools, earning rewards for participating in the consensus and block production of the Cardano network for the first time. As the number of registered stake pools increases, the Cardano blockchain will become progressively more decentralized By delegating your Cardano Stake in our staking pool you will receive rewards regularly, no matter how many coins you own. The amount of reward that you will earn is based on the percent of Stake you have delegated proportional to the total number of ADA coins delegated to the pool. The greater the number of people that joins our community, the greater your delegation rewards will become. Be.

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8SQRD is a Canandian Cardano stake pool founded in the Vancouver, BC blockchain space. Our pool aims to support the decentralization of the Cardano network and benefit the local community. Our stake pool operates using modern cloud technologies to ensure that it is reliable, secure, and cost efficient. Stake with 8SQRD to know that your contribution will support charitable organizations. Learn. When you stake your ADA, you are actually staking your Cardano wallet. This means you can't choose how much to delegate to the pool. It is all of your Cardano balance or nothing since you are staking your address to the pool. You can still perform normal transactions whilst your ADA is staked. When it is time to receive your rewards, a snapshot will be taken and your current balance at that.

How to delegate, stake your ADA on Cardano Shelley? | byCardano Shelley: How to stake in Daedalus - StakeStaking and delegating for beginners—A step-by-step guide

Delegation is the process by which ada holders delegate the stake associated with their ADA to a stake pool. The more stake is delegated to a stake pool (up to a certain point), the more likely it is to make the next block - and the rewards are shared between everyone who delegated their stake to that stake pool Member of Canadian Cardano Stake Pool Association; How to delegate. With your Yoroi wallet, Delegation List. With your Daedalus wallet. Complete guide. Project Roadmap. 2021 Q1 : Register LvLUp stake pool (done) 2021 Q1 : Implement live monitoring (Prometheus+Grafana)(done) 2021 Q2 : Promote the pool, recruit delegators...I NEED YOU!! 2021 Q3 : Pay fees (AWS, Host) and survive; 2022 Q1 : Add. A stake pool is a full node (a server running the protocol software) in the Cardano blockchain network that is able to pool delegations and mint blocks. (A block is a data record of all the latest transactions that is stored and cryptographically linked to the previous block. A data structure that is generated in such a way, where every entry can be re-traced to its origin, is what is known as. At Elite Stake Pool we want to help build a future where each of us controls our own financial destiny. Cardano enables opportunities for every person on the planet to realise this vision and achieve independence from legacy banking systems. Beyond the financial advantages, we want to be part of the community that will bring a positive change for the world, delivering the incredible. Steak.and.ADA - Guardians of Cardano - ADA Stake Pool. Menu. Home; Learn to Stake with Ledger Nano S or X; Learn to Stake with Trezor Model T; Learn to Stake with Daedalus; Learn to Stake with Yoroi-Wallet ; Visit us on pooltool; Tezos Baking Sister Site; Ethereum Sister Site, Coming Soon; Steak And ADA - Guardians of Cardano. Hi! You st₳ke it, we produce it! Our Stake Pool Ticker is . ST3AK.

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