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Operating since 2014, CoinGecko is one of the go-to sites for live crypto prices listings. Alongside this, CoinGecko welcomes new crypto users to the community with educational material, yield gain calculations, and interactive giveaways. When first landing on CoinGecko, Bitcoin defaults as the top cryptocurrency with the largest market cap and network. However, there are thousands of coins out there to discover. Without the correct tools to refine your search, sifting through. CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalization, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics

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Any altcoin with reasonably good market share is considered by CoinGecko as a very popular coin, and many investors are interested in it; which can be a good thing. Community Backing I think we can all agree and History has proven this; that most cryptocurrencies that have a strong community base and are loved by the masses; have the most potential to succeed and grow even more In an exclusive video podcast, we had the chance to speak with one of the biggest contributors in the crypto industry, Bobby Ong, on how CoinGecko is providi.. According to CoinGecko, the ONE price is $0.21, at the time of writing. ONE/USDT Price Chart (Source: TradingView) Even more, ONE is a good project that is in a pretty good niche. However, the crypto seeks to solve Ethereum's scaling issues in the near future. In addition, ONE is a sharding protocol that comes along with a trustless ETH bridge News CoinGecko Beam CoinGecko Podcast Tools Mobile App Earn Widgets Compare Stack Sats Bitcoin Halving Public Companies with Bitcoin Holdings Public Companies with Ethereum Holding

CoinGecko was founded in 2014 by TM Lee (CEO) and Bobby Ong (COO) with the mission to democratize the access of crypto data and empower users with actionable insights. We also deep dive into the crypto space to deliver valuable insights to our users through our cryptocurrency reports, as well as our publications, newsletter and more coingecko.com - Bei uns erhalten Sie alle wichtigen Informationen rund um das Portal coingecko.com und welchen Nutzen Sie hier haben. Zusätzlich sind wir das Magazin zum Thema Coins und Blockchain in Deutschland A few months ago on this platform an author (forgive me for forgetting who) shared and excellent google sheets script that plugs into CoinGecko's API to lift out prices and allow users to create a spreadsheet for managing their balances. I for one have been using a modified version of that since then and have found it to be an excellent resource. That said this is still a very manual process and if you want look at any trading/changing of value over time you need to put together another. Since CoinGecko launched in April it has already gotten a lot of positive feedback on Reddit and bitcointalk forum. It was already a top post on the Dogecoin reddit thread. The interface is easy to use with information presented clearly

CoinMarketCap features a more minimalistic interface, but not so extensive functionality. CoinGecko has more different sections and metrics, although it does not have, for example, a subsection with a list of lending rates and its analogue of Historical Snapshot, like CMC CoinGecko has a Compare section where users can compare different parameters of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum such as price dynamics, supply, capitalization, and prices. Conclusion. Each platform is good after its fashion and has certain merits and flaws. CoinMarketCap features a more modest interface, but not so spacious infrastructure. This platform/ service has been featured by various media outlets such as CoinDesk, BitCoin Magazine, Cointelegraph, Cryptocoin News, Zero Hedge and Quartz. How Do I Sign Up? The CoinGecko service is absolutely free and can be used by everyone Source: CoinGecko Ripple is one of the most reputable cryptocurrencies. However, the year 2020 for Ripple has not been that good, as U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission S.E.C. has sued Ripple of selling unregistered securities while selling its token XRP to investors around the globe

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Coingecko has launched a new reward mechanism in which people can earn candies by logging in daily and redeem them for some in-store rewards.. This is one of the good way to reward the community. The great part is there is no preconditions to be eligible. Just register with coingecko and daily to collect the candies Most definitely yes! Introducing CoinGecko Candy, our brand-spanking-new rewards structure on CoinGecko! Starting today, we will be giving out candies each day. Collect them all and you can redeem them for exclusive goodies found only on our site

CoinGecko, the leading independent cryptocurrency data aggregator, is furthering their efforts to help guide those interested in crypto with the launch of their How to Bitcoin book. We are now seeing Fortune 500 companies, such as Tesla, investing significant amounts of money into Bitcoin to hold it as part of their corporate Treasury. With this increase of holdings by large. As one of the leading cryptoasset data aggregators, CoinGecko is committed to doing what's necessary to empower our users with information to help make better informed decisions. We are fully aware that the market demands transparency and CoinGecko is committed to improving this

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As we look forward to 2021, we will be making many more improvements on CoinGecko to provide a better experience for all of you. 2021 looks like it will be one helluva year with many cryptocurrencies breaking their all time high! CoinGecko still has lots of room to improve so if you have any feedback or suggestions, we definitely do welcome them Ratings and Reviews for coingecko - WOT Scorecard provides customer service reviews for coingecko.com. Use MyWOT to run safety checks on any website. Search Solution Same as coingecko. Unfortunately not all exchanges are honest but CMC does a decent job validating and rating data sources. That said, if you're not checking the vital data you need form multiple sources you're just not doing it right. -2. Reply. Share. Report Save. Continue this thread level 1. Gold | QC: CC 188. 4 months ago. I use multiple price guides - CoinGecko for my main watchlist. According to Coingecko, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) remains in its 5th rank among the leading cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. At the time of writing, it records a 59.8% annual gain at the price of $343.65. Is BCH a good investment in 2021? For a favorable Bitcoin Cash price prediction, let us look at how BCH performed in 2020

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  1. I just wanted to let all my followers know that the report is out and it's a good read. CoinGecko is very thorough in its reporting! If you go to the link it has an option for you to download the whole report for yourself. Do it! Cryptocurrency CoinGecko TrocProcLock I am a crypto enthusiast and also a crypto noob :) Just trying to learn more each day. Random Tech News Catch all for everything.
  2. The first and most basic tool in an investor's toolbox should be a good Crypto Price Tracking platform. While there are several options out there, the most popular are CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko. These two are used by new and seasoned trainers alike, as they offer a lot of useful information to start researching their next move
  3. g cryptocurrencies in 2020 were not even on the list consistently in the said year. Some of these include Polkadot, Cardano, and Chainlink
  4. CoinGecko is another real-time price tracking and coin checking website for cryptocurrencies. It is also operating in this space for a few years now and has the biggest team in the pricing niche. With CoinGecko you can see and track prices of 100s and 1000s of cryptocurrencies in fiat and BTC with appealing charts of different intervals. One can also see CoinGecko UI in 15 different languages apart from English which is a huge plus point for any website in this niche

In this guide, we'll walk through how to pull cryptocurrency market data from the CoinGecko API directly into Google Sheets, using the API Connector add-on for Sheets. The cool thing about CoinGecko is that their API is free and open, so we won't need any API key. They also provide some unique API endpoints like most-searched coins The CoinGecko website and app primarily aim to provide content for consumers. However, the business's product is attracting increasing interest from institutions and large corporates. We started.. CoinGecko. CoinGecko is another cryptocurrency aggregator, providing qualitative data and metrics that can aid users in making trading decisions. Their users can find information about crypto prices, market capitalization, latest updates, as well as crypto educational material

The CoinGecko survey reveals that people are more optimistic and positive about the crypto-market than they are of the global economy. This data matches with the earlier released statistics from the digital assets investment fund Grayscale Investments that institutional investments have broken records in the first quarter of this year CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency market ranking website that ranks digital currencies based on several factors. Today, we're explaining everything you need to know about CoinGecko. What is CoinGecko? CoinGecko, found online at CoinGecko.com, is a website that provides a 360-degree market overview of the crypto space. Like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko displays the top cryptocurrencies by trading... Read mor

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CoinGecko is another very reliable alternative to CoinMarketCap, and in its first look it might resemble CoinMarketCap, but if you dig down, you will find vast differences. At CoinGecko you will be able to tack prices, market cap, supply, volume in real-time which is pretty much standard in any app for fundamental analysis of coins Why i prefer using coingecko over cmc: 1.ERC20 Contract addresses are listed on the coin's page. 2.Im not sure what their criteria for coin rankings are besides market cap, but as an example, coingecko lists polkadot as a top 10 coin by volume, but on cmc it's in the top 2000. 3.AFAIK I haven't seen any paid shillings like the recent band protocol educational shit on cmc. 4.I think it's.

CoinGecko provides data for live pricing, trading volume, tickers, exchanges, historical data, coin info & images, developer & community stats, events, global markets, and CoinGecko Beam coins & exchanges status updates directly. With only 21 endpoints, this may not be the best option for traders and enterprises. I would not recommend using for these purposes. Although CoinGecko is free, it most likely will not meet the needs of traders and exchanges CoinGecko has announced the launch of an art-focused NFT named Spotlight. The crypto information site has long been a proponent of NFTs, hitting all-time highs in 2020 and even feature an. GoodDollar is a non-profit protocol to enable every person with a cell phone to be able to experience, learn, and use digital currency

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While CoinGecko prides itself on being second best, the fact remains—they're not quite at the top. This isn't a small gap either as despite their claim to second-best, CoinGecko is now the 6,569th most popular website globally, a far cry to CoinMarketCap's place as 490th most popular website. So what made the difference if both started around the same time CoinGecko's Q1 2021 report takes a deep dive into the crypto market, DeFi, and NFTs. Altcoins have had a particularly good quarter. DeFi and NFT sectors have helped the crypto market gain some traction from the mainstream. promo. Want to learn how to trade? Get a beginners guide from _BeInCrypto Academy_ now

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CoinGecko is one of the world's major crypto data aggregators. Recently they've recorded all-time high hits on their website due to a surge in interest in cryptocurrencies. We're definitely seeing a lot of new people coming into the crypto space and looking at Bitcoin, Ethereum , and the many altcoins that trade in the market, said Ong You can see how much volume has traded on BTC Markets on the CoinGecko page here (go to the Statistics tab to see graphs like this): For comparison, here's the volume traded on Independent Reserve over the past 3 months at the time this was taken (see the CoinGecko page for Independent Reserve here): It's a huge positive for BTC Markets that there is a lot of trading volume there, as. In May 2019, we introduced Trust Score on CoinGecko to combat the alarming trend of exchanges reporting fake trading volume. Unlike in regulated financial markets where trading volume is a good representation of liquidity, in the cryptocurrency industry, trading volume is no longer a good indicator of liquidity. This is because many exchanges are known to fabricate their trading volume to gain visibility among users — CoinGecko (@coingecko) December 2, 2020. YFI is now ranked 34th with an $842m market cap a token price of $28k and a fixed supply of 30,000 tokens. Yearn Finance's incredible reputation for quality and integrity in the DeFi space has attracted eyes from across cryptocurrency, and projects across the space are desperate to get involved. The platform has given rise to a range of new. XDC Network, xSushi, Leo Token, Sushi, Enjin Coin and Flow were also top 100 assets that had set all-time highs in the 13 hours to 3.30pm, according to Coingecko. Flow, a blockchain platform by Dapper Labs, the company that created Cryptokitties, is also the best-performing coin in the top 100 in the past 24 hours, according to Coingecko. It.

Dogecoin -- the token started as a joke -- bucked the trend and is up 7% over 24 hours, according to CoinGecko.The weekend carnage came after a heady period for the industry that saw the value of. For April Fools, Coingecko added new categories for filtering coins: New Filters: Animal, Food Festival, Blue, and Red. Animal coins are what you'd expect. I especially like the description at the top, providing a history of animal coins: Next, there's the Food Festival: Followed by Blue Coins (da ba de, da ba dye): And last but not least, the Red Coins: I find it interesting that the. CoinGecko's bootstrapped crawl to the crypto compendium summit Crypto trading has more than quadrupled since 2018 to reach nearly US$140 billion in daily trade value. Malaysia's CoinGecko is locked in a David and Goliath battle to be the site record for crypto financial information . Jon Russell, 1 Dec 2020. Pioneering data and analytics site CoinMarketCap grabbed mainstream attention but. CoinGecko được ra mắt năm 2014 bởi đội ngũ sáng lập gồm Bobby Ong, TM Lee và các thành viên khác tại Malaysia. Tới tháng 08/2019, lượng truy cập hàng tháng vào CoinGecko đạt hơn 12 triệu lượt. Đứng thứ 2 trong số những website check giá coin, chỉ sau CoinMarketCap

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CoinGecko has proven to be a great additional channel for us to connect with LSK token holders, as well as watchers, we are excited to see how Beam will develop. Curis Wang, CEO of the Bitrue exchange, said, In this bearish market, we need good indicators to track teams' progress and differentiate between strong and weak teams. CoinGecko Beam is a good way for crypto followers to track progress. We appreciate CoinGecko for providing such a tool for exchanges like us to share updates. CoinGecko in 2019. While greater in number, the dynamics have not shifted much with existing players remaining on top such as Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Kraken to name a few. Market Dynamics Exchanges - Spot & Derivatives Spots vs. Derivatives on CoinGecko # of Derivatives exchanges tracked 1 Jan '19 [2] 0 1 Jan '20 12x 2 Uniswap solidified its lead despite fall in trading volume, while Curve got a good boost. CoinGecko October 2020 Monthly Cryptocurrency Report BitMEX's derivatives market share reduced by more than half since January. It ended October with only 11% market share from 28% in January. 10 Derivative Exchanges - Trading Volume BitMEX gradually lost market share as Binance Futures dominance. 10 Physical Bitcoins: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Nermin Hajdarbegovic. Sep 14, 2014 at 6:15 p.m. UTC Updated Dec 17, 2020 at 9:58 p.m. UTC. 10 Physical Bitcoins: the Good, the Bad and the. Good News @nmbplatform is now officially listed on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko. With this new development, You can now track NBU price and

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If the withdrawal limit is high you Coingecko Bitcoin Private might have to keep trading to reach that amount which means you Coingecko Bitcoin Private might not be able to control your losses and stop if you wish to. Finally, check out their customer support channels to see if you get fast and friendly service round the clock. Good The Maha - CoinGecko Digital Asset Index (MAGIX) was created based on the belief there is a gap that remains to be filled within the growing crypto ecosystem. While total market capitalization is a good measure of market growth, this number is subject to constant inflation from mining activities and the issuance of new tokens. From an investor's perspective, a 10% growth in this number does. Moonsafe is a 100% decentralized community project. That gives to the holders a passive income and increase the liquidity through RFI and LIQ protocols CoinGecko Q2 2020 Cryptocurrency Report 36% 35% an increase of 14% 3% 12% Despite the good price return, users were trading less of the exchange tokens and Huobi Token had the largest fall in trading volume Overall trading volume went down by 10% vs. Q1 2020. There were two gainers in Q2: BNB and LEO. Top-5 Exchange Token Q2 Performance-10% +2. Established in 2014, CoinGecko is a leading crypto data analytics platform for tracking cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets worldwide. Track 6000+ Crypto Prices Worldwide - Real time pricing data, trading volume, market capitalization, Trust Score, historical price chart and exchanges volume for over 6000+ cryptocurrencies

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Welcome to r/coingecko, the official subreddit of CoinGecko! We are the world's leading independent crypto data aggregator and provide reliable and unbiased information. Here, we talk about anything crypto! Post memes, questions, share stories, and more After years of hard work and hustle, CoinGecko is now one of the top 500 most visited websites globally, scoring 200 million page views in February, said Ong

Overall Coinmarketcap is one of the best free screener tool for crypto out there. 2. CoinGecko: CoinGecko is another widely popular crypto screener out there, and it is also one of the top coinmarketcap alternative. The tool has been around for many years, and it is free to use at the time of writing Trust report of Coingecko.com : Good trust index. The trust score of the domain name is 93 % and currently has 0 comment. Join the community by leaving yours CoinGecko is a coin market ranking chart platform that ranks digital currencies by developer activity, community, and liquidity, providing users a 360 degree overview of the major cryptocurrencies CoinGecko Ranking (March 1, 2021) - #275. In Conclusion . The above-listed low market cap gems for March 2021 have, over the last couple of months, shown impressive price gains. This trend is predicted to continue into March 2021. Hence, the reason why investing in them is a good idea. Their price increase can also be successfully traced to their developmental updates, strategic partnerships.

When CoinGecko began examining web traffic on exchanges in 2019, what we saw was that if you think that an exchange that records a high amount of real trading volume, they would most likely have a lot of people accessing their website; for example, Binance.com, Coinbase.com, Bitfinex.com, and so on Simply adding the cDai as a custom token in MetaMask fixed the problem and I was good to go. Summary I know this was a bit of a shorter article, but I thought it was important to show how easy companies like CoinGeko are making it to add custom tokens

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This was a good move by CoinGecko because hearing about the candies (and moon listing) encouraged me to download the app for the first time yesterday and now that I have I'm converted. I won't say no to some free candies (whatever they may be) but candies or no candies, it's a great ap Coingecko is a real-time cryptocurrency price provider like CoinMarketCap. https://www.coingecko.com/en The GECKOPRICE custom built-in function imports CoinGecko's cryptocurrency prices into.

CoinGecko is another price and volume tracker website that does the same job as CoinMarketCap. Well, why use it when it is the same as CoinMarkeCap, you may ask. That is because it is to be used as a second opinion as it is not a good practice to rely on centralized systems like this for decentralized markets. With CoinGecko you can see and track prices of 100s and 1000s of cryptocurrencies in. Check if Coingecko.win is scam or legit. Last updated 25 days ago | Update Now. Final Verdict. Potentially Safe. The site seems safe according to this report: Website: Coingecko.win: WOT Trustworthiness: Unknown (Not Yet Rated) Domain Blacklist Status: Not Blacklisted (0/9) Website Popularity: Medium Traffic Volume (#811,437) Domain Creation Date: Only 3 Months Ago (2021-01-11) HTTPS.

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CoinGecko pointed out that total cryptocurrency market capitalization at the end of 2020 reached a massive $732 billion. This equates to a 308 percent year-over-year growth rate. This figure overtook the $1 trillion mark shortly after. Analyzing the top-30 cryptocurrencies by market cap growth, CoinGecko shows how big of a year it was for the ecosystem. The market cap's rate of growth went. CoinGecko is one of the world's major crypto data aggregators. Recently they've recorded all-time high hits on their I think this sustained interest is actually very good because it spurs a lot of innovation, a lot of investment in building the key infrastructure in NFTs. As a result, this will be good for the bull run expected in 2 to 3 years. 2021 Crypto Buys Driven By Companies. The rest of the cryptocurrency market was mostly in the green this morning, with 72 of the top 100 coins on Coingecko gaining ground. Bitcoin was trading flat at just over $US63,000 ($82,000), while Ethereum had surged three per cent past the $US2,500 ($3,250) mark to a new all-time peak Source: CoinGecko. The fully diluted value denomination may be a good metric for long-term investors, as it allows them to better judge whether a project's value is extremely out of line. For instance, the FDV of CRV climbed to $160 billion, as of Oct. 15 — roughly 65% that of BTC's — on the day of its launch CoinGecko has released a market report for Q1 2021. It reveals both expected and surprising insights. The report covers several topics, including non-fungible tokens (NFT), the incredible BNB.

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Of the top 100 tokens listed on Coingecko, 82 were in the red and just 18 were in the green. Coin360. Dent was the top performer, up 54.6 per cent in the past 24 hours to US1.27c. The Ethereum token is designed to be used to swap mobile phone bandwidth CoinGecko X Travala.com Airdrop Contest is worth 100 AVA Tokens (~$ 240) for each of the 5 Lucky Winners. About CoinGecko X Travala.com CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalization, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics CoinGecko's platform needs to be as fast as possible to best serve its users. Unfortunately, maintaining performance is difficult with a rapidly growing user base and a globally scaling audience. CoinGecko was in search of a performance partner that would ease the burden of growth and offer the global scale they needed to serve users from around the world A popular DeFi platform where you can trade your Ether is CoinGecko. Conclusion Countless tokens use the Ethereum platform to operate with the support that it guarantees Is Cardano A Good Investment? The price of any digital asset depends on many factors. To critically answer whether an ADA token is worth holding, it is best to know the factors that drive its value. Since the total number of ADA coins is limited, the coin is inflation resistant as the demand for the coin keeps growing. The decentralized nature of the Cardano blockchain makes it secure, while the layered architecture provides scalability. Put together, these technical characteristics are what. coingecko: The CoinGecko identifier for the asset. It's used to pull CoinGecko logo and prices. If not supported by CoinGecko it should be an empty string. To see how to get the CoinGecko identifier go to get CoinGecko asset identifier. cryptocompare: The CryptoCompare identifier for the asset. It's used to pull historical prices. This is an optional entry. If missing, the identifier is considered the same as as the asset key. If not supported by CryptoCompare it should be an empty.

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