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Breaking down the reasons that Bitcoin's price keeps rising Inflation and the Lowering Purchasing Power of the Dollar. Since the gold standard was removed in 1971 by Richard Nixon... The Halving. To further understand why Bitcoin has a verifiable finite limit to its quantity it is important to.... With the Bitcoin halving in May, this stream of supply has halved, meaning that fewer Bitcoin are put up for sale by miners. This can contribute to a shortage of supply and therefore to a rising Bitcoin price, Elias Strehle, researcher at the Blockchain Research Lab, told Decrypt. Bitcoin halving has an impact on mining and Bitcoin's price. Image: Shutterstoc

Why Does the Price of Bitcoin Keep Going Up

  1. ing relies on a complex... Regulations and legal matters. The rapid.
  2. Why Bitcoin is Rising? Here's the reason! 2020 is better for bitcoin because its value is at least four time
  3. The Future of Bitcoin Whether or not bitcoin will continue to rise depends on a lot of factors. This includes the finite supply of bitcoin capped at 21 million and also the availability of several..
  4. Bitcoin has soared so far this year, climbing to a price of around $60,000 and helping the broader cryptocurrency market hit an eye-watering $2 trillion. The bitcoin price has soared by around 400.

For citizens of such economies, Bitcoin offers refuge from the weakening purchasing power of their local currency, as well as a hedge against the full-blown hyperinflation experienced by Zimbabwe and Venezuela. Bitcoin's Institutional Adoption is Rising, Even Amongst Ex-Haters. What a difference three years makes. In the heat of its last rally in mid-2017, leading figures in finance increased the volumes of their attacks on Bitcoin One reason why Bitcoin is going to explode in 2021 is rising inflation. In a bid to rescue economies through stimulus packages, central banks and governments are printing more money leading to an increase in supply. As a result, inflation will also rise. Bitcoin is immune to inflation, making it an attractive investment option for investors Bitcoin is gaining traction and there is no better time to invest in bitcoins. This also answers the question why is bitcoin rising. There you have it. 14 simple reasons why we should all use bitcoins. Of course using bitcoins doesn't mean swearing off conventional money. It just means that for the first time, we have an option in terms of. As the Bitcoin price went above $51,000 on Wednesday (March 3) for the first time since February 25, popular macroeconomist and crypto analyst Alex Krüger explained why Bitcoin is not getting too punished by rising real interest rates Some argue that the increase in the price of bitcoin (BTC) in recent weeks may be caused by Bitfinex indirectly. New York's Attorney General, Letitia James, recently accused Bitfinex of using 700 million dollars from Tether's reserve to cover an $850 million gap. Here are some of the most popular comments on the web

Bitcoin Price Falls to $9100, But Why is BitMEX Funding

Bitcoin start-ups have attracted huge investments in Bitcoin and blockchain companies with a total funding of $550 million in 2016, as per a report. Additionally, many prominent investors have been.. Bitcoin's volatility took center stage this year according to Crosby, with the bitcoin price falling to lows of around $4,000 per bitcoin during the March coronavirus crash before sharply.. Another reason for Bitcoin's rise may be the halving that will take place in May this year. When Bitcoin was launched, the mining reward was set at 50 BTC for verifying one block. Every four years, however, the reward is being halved Halving is one of the most critical factors that contribute to the price of Bitcoin. Since there are only 21 million Bitcoins in total, there is less circulation of the market currency as the reward decreases. And as more people become aware of the asset's scarcity, more demand rises, resulting in a higher price

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There are many reasons for the price increase of bitcoin. Big companies like Grayscale managing Bitcoin for their customers and investments by big institutions like MicroStrategy also took the lead. Moreover, it is easier to buy Bitcoins since PayPal started allowing people to buy and sell Bitcoins This extraordinary growth has prompted some investors to ask the simple question: 'Why is Bitcoin rising?' There is no simple answer. Instead, a number of different factors — including the current economic climate, government policies, and fundamental values — seem to be pushing the price of Bitcoin (BTC) higher

Why Bitcoin Is Rising: Causes for the Rise and Fall of BTC

  1. Bitcoin is used to buy other cryptocurrencies, which increases demand for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is up 82% to $1700 on May 9 from $935 on March 24. Japan approves Bitcoin as a legal form of payment April..
  2. But, why is its price rising? Here are some of the possible explanations. Previous Resistance. Bitcoin has undoubtedly experienced extremely volatile troughs and peaks over the years it's been available. Perhaps, this cryptocurrency's price hit its peak back in June 2019. At this time, Bitcoin's price was almost $14,000. That's when this.
  3. This is known, but only now. And thus it is now that bitcoin enters a very different stage. A stage where what was is not quite what is, where what is money, does not shy from the answer of bitcoin. The currency thus is rising because it is entering the halls of power. It has only began to do so, but it will most likely continue its transformation from a coder's toy to a powerful force
  4. Why Bitcoin is rising and dropping in price? The Bitcoin price changes for a multitude of reasons, all of which alter the demand for the digital currency. When cryptocurrency receives positive media attention and endorsements from influencers, the willingness to obtain the coin increases, and with it so does its price. When more people are getting interested in acquiring a Bitcoin, a positive.
  5. Why is Bitcoin rising? Last Monday, Bitcoin broke a new record: the highest price ever. Despite all the swings in the market this year, Bitcoin was at a price of $19,864 and has experienced a 170% rise in 2020. We went searching for reasons why the oldest, but also the most popular cryptocurrency, reached its highest price ever. Funds managers are looking long term More and more fund managers.
  6. And while prices are a few hundred dollars shy of its all-time high, bitcoin's market cap recently set a record by breaking above $345 billion; since the mega-rally in 2017, more bitcoin has been..

Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Rising 1. More Institutional Investments. Many institutions from different industries are now looking to adopt Bitcoin because they consider it to be a safe haven. When such organizations start adopting a particular asset, it is likely that the price will rise. There is no doubt about that. Many companies are still there that are accepting payments with Bitcoins, if not. Why Bitcoin Price is rising in 2021 - The cryptocurrency market has kept on seeing a boost notwithstanding the worldwide pandemic unleashing destruction on all huge economies in the world. Numerous crypto startups have arisen in the space during this pandemic to oblige the always expanding interest for Bitcoin and th While Why Bitcoin is rising so much is shut up the dominant cryptocurrency, in 2017 it's a share of the whole crypto-market apace fell from 90 to around 40 percent, and it sits around 50% as of September 2018. This way acts why Bitcoin is rising so much. How why Bitcoin is rising so much Support leistet can quite problemlos recognize, if one various Tests looks at and Reports to the.

Why the Bitcoin Price Is Rising So Quickly Right Now As often happens with rising Bitcoin prices, multiple factors appear to be at work. On April 1, a law that made Bitcoin legal tender in Japan.. Institutional Adoption The institutional adaptation is also a factor that is playing a role in why bitcoin price is rising. Cryptographic forms of money (Cryptocurrencies), particularly Bitcoin, are presently considered a place of refuge against market instability and swelling

Why Bitcoin is Rising? Here's the reason

Despite all the swings in the market this year, Bitcoin was at a price of $19,864 and has experienced a 170% rise in 2020. We went searching for reasons why the oldest, but also the most popular cryptocurrency, reached its highest price ever. Funds managers are looking long term More and more fund managers see Bitcoin as a long-term investment. That is something we haven't seen before. Managers like Paul Tudor Jones II and Stanley Druckmiller also said the price of Bitcoin could continue to. Why is Bitcoin rising? There are a multitude of reasons for the price increase of Bitcoin. The investment of large institutions like MicroStrategy paved the way, as well as large companies like Grayscale managing Bitcoin for their own customers. What's more, it's now easier to buy Bitcoin since PayPal started allowing people to buy and sell Bitcoin. The entry of new Bitcoins also fell by half. Last week Bitcoin broke above its September 19 High, effectively crossing the short-term Resistance, reversing the sentiment to bullish. Why this happened? Well talks of a new stimulus package have been renewed and along that the U.S. Dollar (DXY) has started to lose its value in expectation that new money will be inserted into the system. What does that have to do with BTC? Simple. As you see on the chart (marked with green), in the post COVID outbreak era, every time the USD initially.

Why Does Bitcoin Keep Rising? Will it Ever Stop

  1. While companies, mutual funds, individual investors buy Bitcoin, there is no limitless supply of Bitcoin. There will be a total of 21 Million Bitcoins. There are currently 18.5 Million in circulation. Bitcoin is produced about 950 per day. Therefore, as the supply is limited, when the demand is high, the price increases accordingly. Investors take positions in Bitcoin against the risks of the US dollar. Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation. While the US Dollar is printed endlessly, Bitcoin.
  2. Evan Darr, portfolio manager at Invesco Private Capital, says Bitcoin is now reasserting its safe-haven status, alongside gold. Both are being bought by investors as a hedge against further deterioration of the global economy
  3. Two Saxo Bank analysts said, Bitcoin will continue to rise - and rise high - during most of 2021 but Russia and China will together engineer a crash. They think it'll crash because of new cryptocurrency regulations/laws from governments

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  1. al interest rates capped at low levels = negative real interest rates. If real rates are positive one can hedge agaisnt inflation via rates instruments => don't need gold or bitcoin to hedge. He then pointed out that — fortunately for Bitcoin HODLers — although rising real rates negatively impact the Bitcoin price, real rates are not.
  2. Why is Dogecoin's price rising? When Bitcoin's value jumps, it often boosts the worth of other cryptocurrencies as well. This is because some investors see these smaller cryptocurrencies such.
  3. Trillions of dollars have been printed, and are now circulating around the global economy. This money has undoubtedly effected all markets, which is why Bitcoin isn't the only thing rising. We've seen a huge surge in most assets, including companies that have even gone bankrupt. Bitcoin has a STRONG correlation with the stock market
  4. ing was going to be reduced by half since its appearance in 2008, the other two Halving events occurred in 2012 and 2016
  5. The title thing. I want to know why bitcoin is going up so much. For what cause, reason or circumstance

Popular Macroeconomist Explains Why Bitcoin Is Going Up Despite Rising Real Interest Rates Posted on 03/04/2021 As the Bitcoin price went above $51,000 on Wednesday (March 3) for the first time since February 25, popular macroeconomist and crypto analyst Alex Krüger explained why Bitcoin is not getting too punished by rising real interest rates Why is Bitcoin Rising Faster Than Altcoins? Bitcoin has had something of a wild ride since it stepped into the scene in 2009. From Bitcoin's pizza-buying days, to defying naysayers, to touching the dizzying heights of $20,000. Bitcoin has come a long way. It has gone on to be not just the world's most successful cryptocurrency but has also managed to make its way into the treasuries of. Bitcoin price started a fresh increase and it cleared the $62,000 resistance against the US Dollar. BTC traded to a new all-time high near $63,862 and it is likely to continue higher. Bitcoin extended its rise above the $62,000 and $63,000 resistance levels Bitcoin price rise: Will Bitcoin keep rising? Why is BTC soaring? BITCOIN (BTC) is continuing its upward trajectory, with the flagship crypto today hitting an all-time high

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  1. SMITH BRAIN TRUST - Bitcoin continued to defy gravity this week, even as many prepared to watch it plunge. And no one seems quite sure why. Albert Pete Kyle, professor of finance at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business, says he believes the cryptocurrency's plunge is inevitable. It may just be a bit delayed
  2. As a result, some market commentators think bitcoin's bull run has been fuelled by investors dumping stocks and buying bitcoin as the trade war heats up
  3. Bitcoin Keeps Rising, and This Is Why The healthy distance is pushing more and more people to use commerce and digital means of payment. Next Article . link; Image credit: Clifford Photography.
  4. ance among altcoins is dropping, according to coinmarketcap, cryptocurrencys' overall market cap has been rising exponentially, it benefits Bitcoin as well. Just like altcoins..

Bitcoin (BTC) has a finite supply. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin in existence. This is a key factor in the value of Bitcoin and is crucial to understanding why Bitcoin is rising in. Why Bitcoin's Price Is Rising Despite Selling Pressure from Crypto Whales. Shine Li Oct 27, 2020 09:28 3 Min Read. According to on-chain data analytics firm CryptoQuant, Bitcoin whales have been depositing their digital asset funds into exchanges recently, potentially signifying an intent to sell. Data shows Bitcoin deposits to exchanges have gone up. Typically, wealthy investors hold their. Why ether is rising faster than bitcoin in 2021 Premium When the bitcoin rally matures, altcoins such as ether catch up as bitcoin investors start to diversify their holdings into other. First of all, demand for Bitcoin and the number of investors willing to onboard the mainstream cryptocurrency may be greater than the selling pressure of Bitcoin from retail and institutional investors. As the cryptocurrency rises in popularity, many are actively seeking to onboard its escalating success and secure their funds through Bitcoin as a hedge, with the current global economy in turmoil and the US dollar continuously depreciating

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Despite all the uncertainties which surrounded Bitcoin ever since its beginning, the cryptocurrency has kept rising. In fact, it has doubled in 2019. This extraordinary growth has caused food for thought. As a result, many investors, as well as, common people started wondering why is Bitcoin rising Why is the price of bitcoin rising | mypatricia.co. The price of Bitcoin has maintained a steady increase popularly known as high over the past few months, and there are several reasons behind this surge. High-profile figures and companies have expressed strong support for Bitcoin. Over the last three months, Bitcoin has risen by 66% in value bringing it extremely close to its all-time. Of the 686 people who responded, 39% stated that global/cross-border usability seemed like the most advantageous quality of Bitcoin Take a moment to consider why is Bitcoin rising and what Bitcoin-related advantages would motivate you to try it or purchase it. If you thought Bitcoin's global fungibility or abstract physical form were an asset, you aren't alone! Of the participants surveyed who hadn't used Bitcoin before, 39% perceived its global/cross-border use as a big advantage. So the reason the Bitcoin price is moving higher is because more transactions are being confirmed and the stability of the network is being proven once again. This difficulty is likely to change within a matter of days and the price will likely drop after this recent bull run. Why Economic Uncertainty and COVID-19 Are Proving Bitcoin's Valu Why Bitcoin is rising so much, incredibly quick results achievable? All these investment products do. perhaps you heard about this crazy cryptocurrency Why Bitcoin is rising so much. The future day of money, the turning of payment, the digital gold, slayer of capital controls, place chalice of Fintech. Now you maybe want to know more. The prizewinning position to learn is just to try IT. sell nucleotide Bitcoin, pay with IT, store it atomic number 49 your whole number wallet, check out the.

What caused this year's Bitcoin rally? The question has not yet received a clear answer. In fact, the answer lies on the surface, you do not even need to dive into the web of technical analysis charts. One more explanation for the growth of Bitcoin was presented in an interview by CNBC with Larry Fink, [ On the other hand, the bitcoin trade is also increasing due to launch of automated trading bots like bitcoin loophole that help even the inexperienced to trade like a pro. When halving happens, mining costs will escalate. So, with a pull-back of prices, miners will incur losses and they will be forced to exit the industry or cut down on their operations. Some may offload holdings for covering costs and this will further cause a strain on prices. But this year is not the same as that of the. Bitcoin's market cap makes up more than half of that figure and it is now worth why is bitcoin rising more than $1 trillion Just six months ago, the price of one Bitcoin was ~₹6,00,000 and today Bitcoin is trading for ~₹25,00,000 which is approximately a 400% rise in the price. Check The Fundamentals! October 28, 2020 | AtoZ Markets - After several days of consolidation, Bitcoin jumped.

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Why Bitcoin (BTC) Is Falling And Ethereum (ETH) Is Rising? | Published September 17, 2019 By Crypto Daily. Bitcoin (BTC) declined below a key trend line support and is now struggling to break above it. Until it succeeds to break past this trend line support turned resistance, we have no reason to be bullish on BTC/USD. Even the RSI tells us that this downtrend is very much intact. The price is. South Africa is, doubtless, some of the superior nations in Africa — if not the most superior. The South African nation has additionally develop into a preferred hotbed for the digital currency market. In reality, it's thought-about by many to be the subsequent frontier in Bitcoin.In accord.

Bitcoin is a digital currency. We all need to deal with the coroner. Thank youYou know , this is a crisis time due to dangerous Corona virus,but we are very close to the most waited Bitcoin halving event.Most of people have already started to buy and hold Bitcoin to sell after halving event, that's why price is increased 5 Reasons to Explain the Rising Bitcoin Price in 2019. By. JP Buntinx - May 12, 2019. Facebook. Twitter. ReddIt. Telegram . It has been a rather interesting week for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets. Most markets some very spectacular gains, albeit the momentum has come to an end as of this morning. More often than not, people wonder why Bitcoin and other markets are. Bitcoin is rising because i think there is still large number of people who are investing in bitcoin. There is a hope bitcoin will rise up in a good way after corona virus. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Elias99 780 Elias99 780 Member; Members; 780 854 posts; Posted Tuesday at 12:45 PM. Because of the home quarantine, many people resort to buying via the Internet and. Compared to bitcoin and ethereum, litecoin is affordable. Also, given the expectation of its rise in 2021, it seems like a good investment. While litecoin has gained a lot of popularity and is. Chances are you've heard of the investors and companies that have bought or adopted bitcoin in 2020. Why investors say bitcoin's 2020 surge is not like 2017's — Quartz Skip to navigation Skip to.

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The Rising Popularity Of Bitcoin In South Africa. A combination of factors makes South Africa a notable hotbed for Bitcoin adoption, even among a region that has embraced BTC. Author: Michael Publish date: Mar 16, 2021. A combination of factors makes South Africa a notable hotbed for Bitcoin adoption, even among a region that has embraced BTC. South Africa is, without doubt, one of the most. The world's second largest cryptocurrency ether (the token powering the Ethereum network) has almost doubled its price since the start of this year from around $750 to break above the $1,400 mark on Tuesday. This has significantly outpaced market leader bitcoin's rise from around $29,000 to $35,000, a 20% jump. Mint spoke to cryptocurrency industry.. Bitcoin operates on a redistributed public ledger technology called the blockchain for Bitcoin why is it rising. When consumers arrive at purchases using the U.S. banknote, botanist and credit card companies verify the accuracy of those proceedings. Bitcoin performs this same function at a lower cost without these institutions mistreatment a organization called hashing. When one someone pays another using bitcoin, computers off the Bitcoin blockchain rush to check that the transaction is. Why Bitcoin and Ethereum are Rising. 1) Crypto bear market ended on July 27, 2020. 2) Adoption is accelerated last year because payment platforms like Square and Paypal added Bitcoin making it easy to buy and use. 3) Crypto cycles tend to last around 3 years...and now investors are aware of it Why is Dogecoin Rising in Value? Despite originally serving no real purpose, Dogecoin has an incredibly loyal fan base. Shortly after launching in 2013, hundreds of Dogecoin memes started going vial on on social media. Dogecoin enthusiasts then began to use Doge to tip meme creators. For the most part, few people saw Dogecoin as anything but a joke coin for the next 4-years. However, all this.

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Why the price of Dogecoin is rising after Bitcoin hits record high. Bitcoin's price has hit a record high, climbing to almost $65,000 (£47,000) - and it is influencing other cryptocurrency markets. The world's second . When Are You Filing Your Taxes * On 21 October 2020, PayPal disclosed its intention to enter the cryptocurrency space by allowing its customers to transact in Bitcoins and various other cr.. Why is SOS stock rising, and should you buy it now? Article continues below advertisement. SOS stock has drawn interest from investors seeking exposure to bitcoin mining stocks or alternatives to.

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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Bitcoin's dramatic rise last year was mainly attributed to big-time institutional investors such as MassMutual, Grayscale, Square, and MicroStrategy backing the cryptocurrency. With the increased institutional adoption of Bitcoin, the digital asset added over $300 billion to its ever-growing market cap in 2020 Bitcoin's price is rising because demand for Bitcoin is increasing at a time when there's relatively few Bitcoin available to buy. While the total supply of Bitcoin grows every day as more is mined, the actual amount available to buy depends on whether holders want to sell or trade it

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The rise of bitcoin is textbook supply and demand. Since supply is fixed and more and more institutional investors and end-users are adopting bitcoin, the price has surged. The positive feedback.. Bitcoin users across the world are rising, and this leads to companies and agencies accepting bitcoins and promoting it. The young investors or beginners that have just entered the cryptocurrency market must understand that bitcoin is going to trend in 2020. Now it is the time when people need to start assuming that bitcoin is going to flourish market positively as per website like.

In the last few days, explanations have included a rise in demand from China, an upcoming auction by US Marshals of seized bitcoin, and the influence of a convicted Ponzi schemer's latest gambit. Another catalyst for recent appreciation comes from Europe, says Adam White, vice president and product manager at Coinbase, one of the biggest bitcoin exchanges globally by volume It seems that once Bitcoin hits a major low, Ethereum, Cardano, Litecoin and the top 10 cryptos by market cap are all falling down. Now, the recent increase of almost 100% in Bitcoin's price is coming from the not-so-rigid regulations imposed by South Korea on cryptos. The country was thinking of banning all digital currencies and domestic exchanges, something that could have had a huge impact on the prices of Bitcoin and other major altcoins The why is bitcoin rising today leading cryptocurrency has increased by more than 130% since March 13 and the rise has been spectacular in April also We'll explore why bitcoin might be rising in a moment. There are 3.5 billion people in the world that have a smartphone. Today, there're around 100 million people that use bitcoin. The bitcoin price has now been consistently rising even amidst. Why is Bitcoin Rising? Unnoticeably, bitcoin is moving and, what in 2017 felt like the stratosphere, now feels like nothing. This thing was at $3,000 just a few months back in March 2020, and Published. 3 months ago. on. November 14, 2020. By. Republished by Plato. Another purpose behind Bitcoin's value gratefulness is its developing appropriation as an installment technique. As of late, PayPal (PYPL) reported that it would before long permit its clients and traders to purchase, sell, hold, and acknowledge Bitcoin and different digital currencies as a type of installment

The world's second largest cryptocurrency ether (the token powering the Ethereum network) has almost doubled its price since the start of this year from around $750 to break above the $1,400 mark on Tuesday. This has significantly outpaced market leader bitcoin's rise from around $29,000 to $35,000, a 20% jump. Mint spoke to cryptocurrency industry professionals to understand what's driving. 3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Will Continue Rising Lucas Cacioli Jan 29, 2021 07:00 4 Min Read Institutional money continues to flow, price volatility is subsiding, and the Federal Reserve has no plans to taper its economic relief spending—here are three reasons why the Bitcoin price will continue rising this year What's behind this current run-up in the price of bitcoin? That's a question for which many people want a definitive answer. So far, one unifying theory i According to on-chain monitoring and rising selling pressure across exchanges, Bitcoin's current price surge could be short-lived. However, altcoins in the top-50 are trading well above their average values over the last week, owing to increased demand on spot exchanges. In these rallying alts, NFT tokens have performed exceptionally well

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Bitcoin price today: How much the currency is worth in USDForecast: Why Bitcoin Will Start Trending In The Next 2 toAwesome Bitcoin Gif Animation | Gif animated images

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Why is bitcoin price rising. Why is Bitcoin price rising? Other reasons include Bitcoin halving, which also has a direct impact on Bitcoin's price. The price then fell over the course of a year from this peak down to around $3,200, a price nearly 400% why is bitcoin price rising This is why Bitcoin, Litecoin and Chainlink are rising. News. This is why Bitcoin, Litecoin and Chainlink are rising By Collin Brown January 8, 2020 No Comments. Source: ZinetroN - Shutterstock. Bitcoin has increased by more than USD 1,300 to USD 8,327.60 since January 1, 2020. Analysts blame current political developments worldwide for the sudden rise in prices. Altcoins that also benefit. Why Bitcoin Prices Keep Rising. Bitcoin 2 Comments. By now, you've probably had more than a few people tell you to buy Bitcoin because it is rising and is, therefore, the easiest money in the world to make. (If you're going to buy low and sell high, of course, you actually want to buy when Bitcoin prices are low.) These people could very easily be right, but it is important to understand. 3 reasons why Ethereum has been rising faster than Bitcoin price in 2021 The price of Ether ( ETH ), the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain network, has been soaring since the. Why Bitcoin price and volume rising together is bad news for Ethereum, altseason. Altcoin. By CryptoNews On Oct 31, 2020. 0. Share. Related Posts. New partnerships send Holo (HOT), Wanchain (WAN) and Origin Mar 30, 2021. Tether stablecoin is fully backed, says new assurance report Mar 30, 2021 . XRP holders get green light for motion to intervene in SEC Mar 30, 2021. Bitcoin (BTC) is.

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